Personalized interviews – Face-to-face

Personalized interviews – Face-to-face


OUR SPEECH IS PURELY SCIENTIFIC but suitable for all audiences!

The Personalized Interview is carried out exclusively by videoconference or telephone.

How does it work?

Once we have received your purchase and payment, we will contact you to arrange the day and time of your appointment.


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Become a player in your own health!

We suggest and recommend that, before purchasing any products that seem relevant to you, we talk to you to take stock of your situation, because it’s very important that you become an actor in your own health, not a spectator.

To do this, we’ll explain the mechanisms that govern your health, so that you’ll fully understand how the products we offer work in relation to your body.

This will be extremely useful in maintaining your health.

The Personalized Interview is a service we offer for :

* Listen to you and understand your expectations

* Show you the “tools” available to get the results you want,

* Explain the mechanisms that create dysfunctions in your body

* Introduce you to our products and how they work in you


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