Our history

Our history

“As a researcher and science enthusiast who has been formulating natural products around well-being for many years, I’m going to tell you the story and evolution of the Joseph Onier Project team.”

Who am I?

I’m Joseph Onier. I’m a researcher from Martinique, with a diploma in phyto-aromatherapy, specializing in the study and use of Caribbean plants. I grew up in the town of Le Lorrain, in the north of the island of Martinique. Far from being in a built-up area, I lived in the countryside in the heights of Moreau.

Why did you choose herbal medicine?

My mother was what we called a “singles saleswoman”.

A “vendeuse de simples” was a person who knew and sold medicinal plants in the West Indies. She quickly made a name for herself in the neighborhood. In those days, the efficacy of plants was no secret and they were indispensable to everyone’s daily life.

My mother tended a garden of over 10 hectares, and very quickly taught me the usefulness of plants, and leafing through books on traditional remedies was my favorite pastime, because no, we weren’t talking about phytotherapy yet. I confess with some emotion that spending time with her in the gardens, listening to her talk about plants, respecting them and making good use of them, certainly influenced me in this direction.

How long have I been doing research?

I can say that I’ve always been into research. It’s true that at first, it wasn’t my main activity, but I didn’t neglect it. At the age of 26, I started a family and very quickly positioned myself as an entrepreneur to provide for my family’s needs while being able to adapt my working hours. My research work really began 25 years ago.

What motivated me to pursue my research?

My first daughter was born. She is, so to speak, a very premature baby, born in an emergency. This event left its mark on me. During these early years, there were no particular problems. Around the age of 5, however, her eyesight began to fail, so she started wearing glasses. As I got older, I developed joint problems, and so on. My problem was to relieve her, while avoiding medication as much as possible. So I decided to take my diploma in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, as I was also regularly using essential oils to make scents.

One day, I was working on my scents when I accidentally bumped my arm. A few drops of my preparation fell on the painful area. By reflex, I rubbed it and, 5 minutes later, watch in hand, the pain had completely disappeared. From this clumsiness was born the product I now offer to treat all physical aches and pains, Halt’Oumo Concentrate. Naturally, the formula has been adjusted, tested and validated.

I continued my training in herbal medicine and thought about it. We have so many plants here, why not adapt what I’m learning to what’s on offer in the great garden that is the Caribbean. This gave me all the arrows in my bow to develop 100% natural products using Caribbean plants.

The Joseph Onier Project team

We currently form a 2-person team with one of my friends Thierry Fred François.

From then on, the popular African proverb “Alone we go faster, together we go further ” has become a reality. The synergy of our different skills and ideas enabled our project to see the light of day. We specialize in the processing of plants, from which we develop product ranges to meet your expectations and your needs for the maintenance and improvement of your health.

This includes the agri-food, health, cosmetics and environmental sectors.

Our research regularly leads to new discoveries, and innovation is at the heart of our business, enabling us to present efficient products in sometimes surprising forms…

Our Riviv’All herbal tea, the flagship product in the Joseph Onier Project range, is just one example of our innovative research. Riviv’All is a Liquid Concentrated Herbal Tea combining the best technologies for using Joseph Onier’s active plant ingredients.

I invite you to browse the site and discover our different categories as well as the testimonials of various customers who regularly use our products.

High-quality products

Our company specializes in the processing of plants to offer you a range of products to meet your expectations and your needs for the upkeep of your health.

Discreet, attentive customer service

This includes the agri-food, health, cosmetics and environmental sectors.

Fast delivery anywhere

This work is carried out in an ethical manner, including respect for the plants used and their development frameworks.