Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Pay in 4 instalments with your bank card


Your purchases are paid for by deduction from your bank account


Enter your personal details and bank details, then confirm your purchases in just a few clicks


Choose your items on jospeh Onier Project, do your shopping and choose 4X setting

It's easy to take advantage! Please bring :

Your credit card and cell phone

Secure payment with 3D Secure

3D Secure payment: when you pay in 4 instalments, an authentication request will be sent to your bank.

The “3D Secure” system is a program set up by Visa/Mastercard and offered by all French banks. It is used to authenticate the cardholder making the payment order.

Please note that this system, known as “3D Secure”, should not be confused with the secret code on your bank card.

Secure online payment

Joseph Onier Project uses the 3D Secure payment system.

Each time you make an online card payment, an authentication request is sent to your bank. The authentication method is left up to your bank (date of birth, password, etc.). Please note that this “3D Secure” system should not be confused with your credit card security code.

The “3D Secure” system prevents fraudulent transactions. 3D-Secure is a program set up by Visa/Mastercard and offered by all French banks. This program will ask you to authenticate yourself at the time of payment to limit fraudulent use of a card number.

How can I be sure that I’m on a secure page?

When you go to the payment page, where you enter your credit card numbers, you’ll find yourself on a totally secure page.

You’ll notice that the address of the payment page begins with “https://www.”, unlike other conventional web pages which begin with “http://www.”. This “s” is the “s” in secure.

In the bottom right-hand corner of your browser, you’ll also find a pictogram symbolizing a padlock or a key, depending on your PC’s browser, informing you that you’re also on a fully secure page.

Payment cards accepted

You can pay for your purchases using Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard.

Mastercard Eurocard Visa Carte Bleue